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Voice2Net Corp Telephone Systems

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Unlimited Calling thru Canada and the USA with all the features you would expect.

Fast Internet without Caps

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Voice2Net is a Telephone company providing prime line telephone service in the 613 area code.  If your business just requires VoIP Telephone lines or a full telephone system, we can be of assistance.
As a registered Telephone Company in Canada, Voice2Net provides you the ability to keep your existing telephone numbers or add new numbers.  All numbers are registered with our 911 PSAP for you safety and convenience.
Voice2Net answers our telephones live from 7 AM until 7 PM Monday thru Friday and 8 AM until 3 PM on Saturdays.  After hours leave us a message and somone will contact you within the hour.
Voice2Net provides Home Phone service in Canada with a variety of calling packages available.  Thru our network of resellers we cover a wide area in Canada with complete coverage in the 613 Area Code and the Gatineau area.
Thru our partners, Voice2Net can provide a quality and competitively price internet solution for your home or office. 

Voice2Net provides complete network solutions including wiring, WIFI setup to reach difficult areas or larger buildings.
In Today's world security is becoming a relentless pursuit.  There are countless articles in the news about break ins that are captured on Security Cameras.
Voice2Net has added the HikVision Network Cameras to our list of products to assist our customers in day to day monitoring of their office.

Why Voice2Net
Voice2net has been providing voice over IP services to businesses and homes in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec since 2002.  Our staff is fully trained in building networks, deploying voice over IP, Porting Numbers quickly and efficiently, fullfilling your internet requirements and providing 24/7 support either directly or thru our network of Value added Resellers.

Our staff's experience is a combination of Telephony and Network implementations.  We provide full installation services including network wiring, deployment of network equipment, deployment of Voice over IP, staff training to ensure you can use our products and ongoing support as required.

Voice2net uses Yealink, Cisco and Grandstream IP phones to provide our customers with the quality and price expectations they have.  All hardware is warranted for two (2) years from in-service against normal usage.

The founder and President of Voice2Net , Darcy Primrose, has spent his entire career in the Telephony Industry, installing phone equipment world wide, providing technical support to telephone companies throughtout Canada and the USA.  The highlight of his early career was moving the city of Victoria from electro mechanical telephone systems into the electronic age.

Voice2Net has enjoyed three successful years in Kemptville.  While looking forward to continuing to serve customers in Eastern Ontario, we will take a day to thank the community and welcome  all to our premises in Kemptville to chat, get a small gift as a token of appreciation and see what we have to offer in the coming year.
What our customer say about us:

Marlene Shepherd of Shepherd's Fashions in Ottawa:

Shepherd’s Fashions has been a customer of Voice2Net for nearly a decade. We switched because we were tired of paying exorbitant prices from the big telecom providers for little or no service. They have  proven that you can get quality telephone and internet service without being tied to the big providers. And they bend over backwards to provide quality, cheerful, personalized, and effective support to his customers. Darcy knows his stuff!

Rosemary Coleman of Rosemary's Optical Shop in Brockville:

Best Service Anywhere.  I love this small business enterprise VOICE2NET!  We have been using them for 4 years now, always there when you need them.

Cathy Ashby of House of Lazarus In Mountain:

Voice2Net installed a new voiceover IP phone system for House of Lazarus in 2017. In addition to incredible customer service from both Darcy and Conor, House of Lazarus received several new phones with multiple features. This system is saving our non-profit organization both time and money, and the money we save on our phone system is directed back into our food bank and outreach programming. Voice2Net has undoubtedly had a positive impact on our day-to-day operations, as well as our ability to put more money where it needs to be: the many services, programs, and projects House of Lazarus uses to help those individuals and families in our communities who are struggling with poverty.
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