Existing Auto Attendant Number:  Used to select an existing auto attendant you wish to either edit or use as a template for an addition.
Auto Attendant Number:  Enter a new extension number here if you wish to add a new auto attendant, otherwise leave it as is.
Time Out: The amount of time in milliseconds the system will wait after playing a message before it routes to the timeout destination.
Timeout Destination:   The extension or external number the system will route calls to that do not perform any action before the timeout expires.
Extension Digits:  This can be 2,3 or 4 digits and is the number of digits the system will expect when an inbound caller dials an extension directly.
Maximum Failures:  The maximum number of failures the caller can have before the call is routed to the final destination.
Maximum Timeouts:  Same as Failures but for timeouts.
Interdigital Timeout:  The amount of time the system will wait for an additional digit before routing the call.
Digit Access:   Dialed 1 etc.   Enter the extension or external phone number you would like the call to go to when the caller presses the corresponding digit.  (1 thrfdsau 0)
Night Service
Day/Night Mode:   You can select - use Schedule, Night Mode Disabled or Night Mode Active.
Night Service Destination:  The extension, external number, a voice mail, an external number or another Auto Attendant you would like the call routed to when Night Service is active:
Sunday thru Saturday:  Enter the time period you would like night service off for each day.  A blank entry means night service is active all day.  Use 24 hour notation, ex,  08:00-17:00 for 8am to 5pm.
Holidays:  Enter the holidays you would like night service active all day, ex, 25/12 would be Christmas day.
Submit:  The submit button will submit all changes you have made to the system database.
Delete:  This will delete the complete auto attendant.
Clear:  This will clear all changes and let you start over:


o Once you have created an auto attendant, you will need to record a corresponding message.  To record a message, dial 97 plus the auto attendant number.  On a snom phone, you will have to press the check mark key after dialing the number, on a grandstream phone you will have to press the send key.
Auto Attendant
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