DID/Telephone Number Routing
DID/Telephone Number Routing is used to direct inbound calls to various destinations.  For example, and inbound number can route to a hunt group, to an auto attendant, to an individual extension or can be redirected back to a public telephone or cell number.
DID Number.  Info only, cannot be changed.
Active DIDs.   The drop down menu provides a list of active telephone numbers that have been assigned to your domain.
Select Internal Destination.   A drop down menu that will display a list of extensions, hunt groups, conference bridges and auto attendants that you can route the call to.  This can be changed on the fly and will not affect any calls in place but will change the routing of new calls.
Route to Destination. Set the field, Select Internal Destination to Send to External Destination, then place a public phone number in this field.  Be sure to select a dial plan to route the call.  This is ideal for disaster recovery or temporary moving an office.
Select A Dial Plan.  If routing the call to an external destination, the system will require a dial plan to route the call to, this drop down menu provides a list of active dial plans in the system.

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