The Directory is used to add and remove entries for the phone directory.  After changes are made, it takes up to 10 minutes for them to appear on the phone.
The top line:  Used for info purposes only, cannot be changed.
First Name:   Enter the first name or the name you want displayed on the screen.   Only the first name is displayed on the phone screen.
Last Name:  Info purposes only.
Number:   Enter the number as you would dial it on your phone.  No spaces, commas or -.
Submit:  Once changes have been made, press the submit button to upload the changes to the server.
Refresh:  Refreshes the screen and removes changes that have not bee submitted.
Add:   Each time you wish to add a new entry, press the add button, it adds a new row to the bottom of the list, you fill it in then press submit.  Ensure you press the submit button before you press the add button again or you will lose your changes.
Buttons:  This is a quick link to the buttons page.
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