Configured Extension:   is a drop down menu for selection of the extension to be administered
Extension/Telephone Number:  Enter an extension number here is you are adding a new extension.
CLID Number Display: This is the internal number that will be displayed when you call another extension.
CLID Name Display: This is the internal name that will be displayed when you call another extension.
Web Password:   This is the password you will use to login.
SIP Password:      This cannot be changed.
Voice Mail Password:  This is the password used to access your voice mail from the dial pad, must be all numeric and at least 4 digits.
Do Not Disturb:   On or Off.  Sends all calls to voice mail if active or busy tone.
Ext Bypass CFWD and DND:  This will allow an extension to call another extension that has either Call Forwarding Active or DND set.  This feature is designed for an employee with a personal assistant.
Call Forward all Calls:  This will forward any calls to this extension to another extension or an external number.
Cell Phone:   This is an external number that can be called and ring simultaneously with your IP Phone
Send Calls to Cell Phone Delay:  A drop down menu to select when to send the call to the Cell Phone.
Voice Mail Active:  True or False.  This allows voice mail to be turned on or off.
Email Address:   The email address to send voice mails to or call records using the history tab.
Test Email:   This will send a test message with login info to the email entered into the email address slot.  You must have done a submit before using this test.
Mailbox Escape Account:  When a caller is listening to voice mail, they have the option to press '0' after the tone and recording is started, this is the destination.
Send Voice Mail to Email:  True or False.  If true, all voice mails will be forwarded as a wav file to the email specified above.
Keep Voice Mail on Phone:  True or False.  This gives you the option automatically delete Voice Mails fter they have been emailed.
Dial Plan:   This is the dial plan that the extension will use to make calls.  See dial plans elsewhere in the help files.
IP Phone Model Number:  This is the model number of the phone you are using, select it from the drop down menu, it is used to help configure the buttons and the auto provisioning file.
Mac Address(s):   Enter the mac address of you telephone, used for provisioning your phone, if more than one phone, separate the mac addresses with a comman.
Time Zone:  Select your time zone from the drop down menu.
City Code:   Only applicable to Grandstream phones.  Used for displaying weather forecasts on the IP Phone Display.
Celsius or Fahrenheit:    Set the desired reading on for weather display on your Grandstream  phone.

The following buttons are available.
Submit: Submits the data entered on the page.
Delete:   Deletes this extension
Clear:     Clears all data and lets you start over.
Buttons: Takes you to the buttons Screen for this extension..
Directory:  Takes you to the Directory Screen for this extension.
Extension Configuration
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