Existing Hunt Group Numbers:  Used to select an existing Hunt Group you wish to either edit or use as a template for an addition.
Hunt Group: Enter a new extension number here if you wish to add a new hunt group, otherwise leave it as is.
Hunt Group Name:  Assign a name to the hunt group, this can be any name you are comfortable with, it has not affect on the system.
Stage 1 Extensions:  The system will ring multiple phones when the hunt group is dialed or an incoming call is router to the hunt group using the DID Config Menu Tab.   To enter multiple extensions, place a comma between them, be sure not to leave any spaces.  This may also be an external number.
Stage 1 Duration:  This is the amount of rings the system will ring the stage 1 extensions before going to stage 2 ringing.
Stage 2 Extensions:  After the system has rang the stage 1 extensions for the programmable duration, you may specify an alternate group of extensions for a second attempt.
Stage 2 Duration:  The amount of rings the system will ring the stage 2 extensions before going to the final stage.
Final Stage Day Time Service:  This is the location you would like the calls routed to if there is no answer in stage 1 or stage 2.  This can be a voice mail, another extension or an outside phone.  To send the call directly to voice mail, place an 8 in front of the extension, ex   810 to send a call to extension 10s voice mail.
Night Serivce
Day/Night Mode: You can select - use Schedule, Night Mode Disabled or Night Mode Active.
Night Service Destination:  The extension, external number, a voice mail, an external number or another Auto Attendant you would like the call routed to when Night Service is active:
Sunday thru Saturday:  Enter the time period you would like night service off for each day.  A blank entry means night service is active all day.  Use 24 hour notation, ex,  08:00-17:00 for 8am to 5pm.
Holidays:  Enter the holidays you would like night service active all day, ex, 25/12 would be Christmas day.
Submit:  The submit button will submit all changes you have made to the system database.
Delete:  This will delete the complete auto attendant.
Clear:  This will clear all changes and let you start over:

Hunt Group
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