Smart offices accommodate the demand for convenient communication and collaboration
anytime and anywhere.

Key features include:
●High-quality phones that are easy to operate;
●Support for multiple applications for various business settings;
●Integration with office software, implementation of collaborative work; and
●Support for mobile workers unbounded from an office setting
Single Button Transfer
Remote Provisioning
Two or Three year warranties
Power over Ethernet or AC
Call Recording via USB or SSD
One Button Park and Retrieve
External Call Transfer
Head Set Compatible without lifters
Completely Portable
Remote Support
High Quality Speaker Phone
HD Audio for crystal clear conversations

1 Strong R&D.A global team of more than 1,500 R&D professionals with direct access
   provided to Service
2 #1 cordless phone manufacturer.$1.9 billion Company and the world’s #1 manufacturer of 
   cordless phones with more than 25 years’ experience selling on all continents
3 Company owned production. With company owned manufacturing and R&D VTech has
   total control over all phases of production.
4 Best-in-class warranties. Industry-leading warranties, featuring three-years on
   ErisTerminal® SIP phones.
For the Budget Conscious

1 The GXP1600 series of Basic IP phones deliver interactive communications to a desktop
   for the user who needs access to VoIP but does not require advanced features.
2 The GXP1600 series delivers an effective communications platform for access to quick call
   control such as single button transfer, hold, park, conference and speed dial.
3 The GXP1600 series offers vibrant and clear user-interface, this device is a perfect solution
   for those who handle low to medium call volume and require access to key call efficiency
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