Voice2Net provides DSL internet over a DRY Loop installed by a Bell Canada Technician.  The graphic no the left shows the two pieces of equipment.  This setup is for installations using Wireless Telephones.  If you wish to keep your jacks live in the house you will require a site visit by a Voice2Net Installer. 

If you are not using Voice2Net Internet, but have selected our Telephone service, then all  you need to do is obtain the Blue Cable that came in the ATA VoIP Adapter box.  Plug one end of it into your router, usually a yellow port, plug the other end into the Blue jack on the ATA.  Then connect your wireless telephones or a single wired telephone to the green jack on the VoIP ATA.  Plug the AC adapter into the ATA and the other end into a wall outlet, wait until all lights have stopped flashing on the ATA, if you now have 3 solid green lights, you can start making phone calls.

First and foremost, do not under any circumstances push the factory reset on any device you obtain from Voice2Net unless explicitly directed by a Voice2Net person to do so.  If you do it will result in your product being non functional and you wil lhave to bring it back to Voice2Net to get re programmed.

If your internet is down, you modem will have a DSL on it, check to see if this is illuminated.  If it is, shut the power off on the modem, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on.  If you still have no internet, contact Voice2Net.

If you internet is functioning but your phone device says "device  not registered" when you lift the handet, power cycle the VoIP ATA by pulling the black power cord out of the unit (it has a mini usb plug on it), wait 10 seconds then plug it back in.

Wait up to 5 minutes, if you still have the same problem, contact Voice2Net for assistance.

Voice2Net provides live phone support from 7 AM until 7 PM monday thru friday.  After hours we provide support either thru email or by leaving a message as instructed on our Auto Attendant you reach by dialing our number.  We respond to emails and voicemails up to 11:00 pm and starting at 7:00 AM. 

You may also create a ticket to track your service request by sending an email to:
support@voice2net.ca.  You will get a copy of the ticket back and may use the track to monitor the status of your service request.

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