Accessing Voicemail

Follow these steps to access voicemail:
Dial *98  or press the VM button on your phone
Enter password and then press #
New messages are played automatically.
If no new messages are present then main menu options will be presented

Main Menu

The following options are available at the voicemial main menu:
1 - Listen to new messages
2 - Listen to saved messages
5 - Advanced options
# - Exit voicemail

Options While Listening to a Message

The following options are available while actively listening to a
Voicemail message:
1 - Skip to previous message
3 - Skip to next message
4 - Rewind
6 - Fast-forward
7 - Delete
8 - Forward message to another user
9 - Skip date/time stamp at beginning of message
Note: skipping a new message will leave the message as “new”

Options Available After a Message Has Been Played

The following options are available immediately after listening to a  Voicemail message:
1 - Listen to the message again
2 - Save message
5 - Return call immediately
7 - Delete message
8 - Forward message to another user

Advanced Options Menu

The following options are available in the advanced options menu:
1 - Record greeting
2 - Choose greeting
3 - Record name
6 - Change password
0 - Return to main menu

Choosing a Greeting

You may pre-record up to nine different greetings. After recording the greeting, set it active with the “choose greeting” option. Additionally, if you have find-me/follow-me enable on your extension you may customize which greeting to play based on caller ID or time of day. For example, during business hours you could have greeting 1 and after hours could be greeting number 2.

Leaving Voicemail Messages

Dial  8+ extension number to leave a voice message for another
Press # to skip the user’s outgoing greeting
While recording, press any key to stop recording
After recording the following options are available:
   1 - Listen to recording
2 - Save recording
   3 - Re-record 
# - Continue
After saving the recording press * to mark the message “urgent
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