The Conference Bridge provides a means for a group conference via telephones.  Users can either dial inbound or dial from the extension. 
Conference Bridges is a list of active Conference Bridges on the system, select one to edit it.
Conference Bridge Number.  If you are adding a new Conference Bridge, enter the number you will assign to it here.   A conference bridge should be either a 2 or 3 digit number in line with the numbering you are using for your extensions.
Conference Bridge Profile.  The conference Bridge has four profiles:
o Default  -  A simple conference Bridge
o Require_Password -  All Users will be asked for a password when they connect to the Conference Bridge.
o No_Password- Users are automatically connected to the Conference Bridge.
o Moderator_Control - The users will require a password.  All users can connect without the moderator, however, once the moderator Connects, they have control of the Conference.
Moderator Pin Number.  Any numeric password of at least 4 digits.
Member Pin Number.  Any numeric password of at least 4 digits.
Maximum Members allowed in Conference.  Self explanatory
Moderator exit Terminates Conference.  Self Explanatory.
Conference Bridge
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