"The Facsimile Machine is still alive"

May organizations rely on their fax machine to receive orders or send purchase orders or just general day to day use.  Organizations such as CRA in Canada require documents to be faxed versus an email attachement.

With our "MyFax" service, Voice2Net allows you to reliably and cost effectively utilize your fax machine will enjoying the savings and added features or using Fax over IP

Does your office depend on the fax machine in your day to day business.  We provide standard fax service with on line backup and front page confirmations of your sent faxes.  If the power is off, when it comes back on your faxes will be delivered.

No more busy tones, if you are using your fax machine or receiving a fax when a new fax arrives, we hold the fax until your machine is idle then deliver it to you. 

Want to go paperless with your fax requirements?  Voice2Net provides a fax to email and email to fax service.

Inbound faxes are send to an email for distribution or to several emails.

Easily send faxes from where ever you are as long as you use your authorized email address.  Is there more than one person that needs to fax, simply add the others to your account, up to 15 allowed users.

Email to Fax - Create your document, convert it to a pdf document, attach it to an email and send it to our fax server, we deliver it and send you a notification when it is complete.  You can attach multiple pdf documents to a single request.

Fax to Email - Incoming faxes are received by our server then forwarded to the emails you have set to receive faxes.

Customer Portal - Using our easy to use secure customer portal you can view the status of faxes send an received.  You can even download a fax that you mistakenly deleted or resend a fax the destination lost.

Do you send several faxes to the same destination, the confirmation includes the front page of the fax sent so you know it was delivered and when it was delivered.

Using your fax machine, you get all the on-line portal features you have using email to fax and fax to email
How our pricing works
Our base package provides unlimited inbound faxes, if you only send a limited amount of faxes you will never be invoiced for more than the base package regardless of how many pages you receive per month.

Our pricing is based on multiples of 100 pages of sent faxes per month.  We do not force you to subscribe to a high level for the few months you send several faxes.  We will invoice you based on your usage for the current month.  The price is a cost effective $7.95 per 100 pages sent per month with no limit on faxes received.
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