SkyLinkNet - Alarm - Smart Home 
      The Alarm system without monthly fees

Protect your Home or Business the Smart Way.  Remotely arm and disarm the alarm
system with the Skylink App on your smartphone or tablets.

Total home security and control:
● Motion detectors, door and windows detectors, motion detecors, water sensors
● See what is happening in and around your home with the SkyLinkNet Cameras and App
● Control lights, garage doors and turn on and off electrical appliances
● Three modes, security off, secure while at home, secure while away.
● Each device easily set for the alarm scenario you want notification for
● Instant notification when any of your sensors detect an intrusion

Monitor all devices with an easy visual indication of which devices are alarmed.

Simply press the ICON on the screen to activate a light or appliance or even open or close your garage door.

Video Cameras give you an instant view of your location.

Place multiple cameras to get views of both interior and exterior or your premises.

Easily Arm or DisArm the alarm portion of your smart home system.

Arming the system gives you instant notification of devices that have been set to notify during Alarm Away or Alarm at Home.
Starter Kit

The Starter Kit gives you a starting point to build your system with enough devices to set up a basic alarm system.

- Internet Hub
- 1 x Window/Door Sensor*
- 1 x Motion Sensor*
- Power Adapter
- Ethernet Cable
- Mounting Accessories

*AA / AAA Batteries are not included
Sensors and Remotes
Window/Door Sensors
Motion Detectors
Water Sensors
Garage Door Sensors
Electrical Control On/Off
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