Some of our prime hosted voip features

Voice Mail

Voice Mail messages can be recorded from your telephone set or uploaded via the GUI.  You can retrieve your messages via your phone, voicemail to email or view them on line.  The on line gui lets you see in advance who called and from what number.

Auto Attendants - IVR

The  Auto Attendant is a automated call director.  You may upload  your wav file or record it by dialing a code from your phone.  No need to log onto the system and press a sequence of buttons to record a message.

Ring Groups

Set your system to ring the receptionist, then another group of phones if the call goes on answered.  You can include external numbers in the ring group to calls can be answered by staff on using their Mobile Devices.  If this fails, call can be directed to Voice Mail or an Auto Attendant.

Call Queues

if you wish to have a central answering system take calls in sequence the call queue will handle that.  You can set one or several phones to be part of the queue and give the callers detailed instructions while they wait.

Call Detail Records

Did you every pause trying to find the number of someone who called a few days or weeks ago.  Use the  online Call History to search by day or month for a caller.  You can search by extension or the complete business group.


The Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your domain, the status of the devices on the domain and a quick means to access any device or service you have.   


The status will allow easy access to a view of active calls, Voice Mail Messages, device registrations and call history.

Conference Bridge

All business groups come with a conference bridge.  You can give inside and outside access to the bridge via either a direct number or an extension thru your AUto Attendant.   Multiple Conference Bridges may be configured.

Block Unwanted Numbers

On a system wide basis, you may block users from calling your business.   The call is redirected to a message indicating the line is not receiving incoming calls.

Upload FIles

From the main menu, you can select Upload Files, then upload the WAV files you will use on your system.  You can then select them to be used for Voice Mail or the Auto Attendant or Music on Hold.

Music / Ad on Hold

The systems comes with a selection of canned messages and music stream you can select from.  Using Upload FIles, customer messages and Ad on Hold can be added and used as required.

Mobile Apps

You may choose the mobile app that best suits your needs then configure it as an extension on the system or pair it to your desk set.  Then when you are out of the office, you can easily and quickly answer calls, check voice mail and call other extension.  


Paging in Voice over IP is generally referred to as multicast paging.  Buttons on the phones can be provisioned to page a specific group of phones or all phones.  Phones can appear in as many as 10 groups on the system.  You can also add an external paging adapter for large areas..

Dial By Name Directory

The Dial by Name Directory feature gives calls the ability to dial either the first name or last name of the person they would like to reach.  The system will announce who they are calling if the name has been recorded.

Extension Status (BLFs)

Multi-Button IP Phones have the ability to display the status of other extensions on your system.  While many companies do not promote this feature, Voice2Net sees it as a big advantage since a user can be in a completely different location, it lets you quickly see if the are on the phone or not.

Multiple Locations

One of the largest advantages of Voice over IP is the ability to build a single system to accommodate users in multiple locations.   There is no limit on the number of locations you can have.   A secretary in Ottawa as an example, can answer phone calls for the Toronto Office, the Montreal Office and the Vancouver office, thereby saving in staff and increasing efficiency.

Follow Me

Each user can setup the system to follow them as they move around.  The ideal scenario, first they call your office, then your office and your home office, then your office, your home office and your cell, if none of these answer, forward the call to a central answering station or to a Voice Mail system.

Night Answer Schedules

Auto Attendants and Hunt/Ring groups can be setup to ring on destination in the day, then switch to an alternate destination, such as Voice Mail, Auto Attendants or Mobile phones after hours.

Since there is no limit on the amount of Hunt Groups or Auto Attendants you can have, you can chain several of these together to build an extensive routing system based on time of day.

Call Park and Call Pickup

A standard Legacy telephone system feature is the ability to place a line on hold and pick the call up at another location.  Voice2Net's systems allow you to place a call on hold/park by pressing a single button, then retrieve this call from another location by pressing the button with the same label.  No need to remember codes or dial codes to pass calls around the office making the transition to Hosted VoIP less challenging.

And lets not forget the industry standards

Calling Name and Number Display, 3 way calling, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, On Screen Call History, Last Number Redial, ON Hook DIaling, Speaker Phone, Speaker Mute --.

Hosted Features that Distinguishes Voice2net

Device Provisioning

Our Hosted Service provides an easy Zero Touch provisioning system that lets you quickly setup your IP Phone and manage the buttons on it without touching the phone.  On initial power up, it will find your server and download the configuration, subsequent changes will send a re provision request to the phone automatically.

Night Mode Button

Common on Legacy Style phone systems, the Night Mode button has largely been ignored by VoIP Providers.  Voice2Net's system lets you provide a button for each hunt/ring group on your system to control when it rings phones or goes to an alternate destination.  When  the service is active the associated lamp will be illuminated on the phone.

Auto Company Directory

As you add or administer extensions, you have the option to include each extension into a company directory, extension have three options: prime, standard or omit.  If an extension is marked as prime, it will be played ahead of other extensions.  The system will either read the name or play the name recorded using the Voice Mail System.

Call Out List

Do you have a staff where different people are on call different days or different times of the day.  Our Call out schedule allows you to set the schedule based on the day and time and who to call at that moment.   This is usually setup at the end of the preceding month but is easily changed.

Free Assistance

Although our system is easy to use and has on line guides readily available at the click of a button, most users are to busy running their business to lear the telephone system.  Simply call our office or open a ticked with the request and we will happily complete your request, usually within the hour.

Unique Requests

While our systems are pretty complete in what they can do, customers have a habit of coming up with new requests that are not currently available.

Voice2Net uses a product developed in house over several years, if you have a unique request we can most likely add it quickly for you.