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Hosted Telephony (VoIP)

Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) offers a multitude of benefits:

Costs Savings are a prime concern, however,  the savings are not just on your monthly cost, remote workers, less upfront costs, add on features, scalability, mobility and customer service all contribute to a more efficient system.

Multiple office integration and remote workers become possible without the traditional costs.

The speed of deployment and flexibility of adds moves and changes marks an increase in efficiency.


Digital Telephone Lines - SIP Trunking

Today most of the manufacturers are offering SIP Trunking as part of their feature packages.   Voice2Net easily integrates with all the major manufacturers.  Redundancy options and auto fail-over  are all part of Voice2Net's SIP Trunking package


VoIP Service for Legacy Systems

Although most new deployments today have a flavor of VoIP included, there is still a substantial foot print in legacy telephone systems. 

Voice2Net's service provides a gateway to Voice over IP for this technology.  

Besides getting a costs reduction on telephone lines customers have access to VoIP features:  VoiceMail to Email, After Hour Service, Call Out Lists, Cell Phone Twinning, Remote Workers, Multiple Office Integration, Disaster Recovery, and the list goes on.

If you have special requirements, let us know, we can probably fulfill your requirements.

IP PBX Systems - if hosted is not for you



The PBX2NET Mini IP PBX incorporates all the same features of our hosted systems in a small foot print system that supports 10+ IP Phones.  With support for a large variety of IP Models with plug and play integration, you can have the PBX2NET Mini up and running in under 30 minutes.

The Mini will integrate with either Voice2Net's SIP Trunks or most SIP Trunk providers in North America.



For larger scale installations, the PBX2NET is available for installation on a server at your premises.  The capacity of the system is wholly dependent on the server selected, however, a modest server will easily support 200 telephone sets.

Installation is via an ISO that asks a few easy questions as you build it, then you can start setting up your phone systems.

All the features of our hosted system are incorporated into the PBX2NET IP PBX, including multi-tenant service, if required.


Connect your IP PBX to Telco Lines

If you wish to install an IP PBX but use your Telco lines, our TA410, TA810 and TA1610 Gateways provide this option.

You can then mix and match your traffic, reserve the Telco lines for incoming calls and place your outgoing calls on a SIP trunk, or provide growth to your existing lines using SIP Turnking.