Service During Covid 19


Voice2Net Corp understands the seriousness of Covid-19. We also understand that during this period people are relying very heavily on the internet and telephone as a means of communication with others. If a customer has a service outage or requires assistance, it can cause anxiety due to isolation.

Hence, we realize we must continue to provide service to our customers and will use the following policy during this period we are all living with.

1. When Voice2Net receives a service request we will first work with the customer for up to 1 hour to help resolve the problem remotely. This can be done by requesting the customer to provide various tasks our service people would normally complete.

The customer may be requested to provide access to their network either through the use of Teamviewer or ZOHO assist. Our technicians will provide instructions on how to implement this on your computer.

2. If the trouble cannot be resolved in this manner before a technician is dispatched we will ask the following questions:

Have you or any of your family members travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days? (as of the date of the customer’s call)

i. Are you or a family member displaying symptoms of a cough, fever or difficulty breathing?

ii. Are you or a family member considered vulnerable?

If the customer isn’t sure who might be considered vulnerable, you can look at the Government of Canada’s criteria outlined here and help them determine if there is a potential risk.

3. If the answer is no to all the above, a technician will be dispatched with the following expected:

The technician will be allowed to work in isolation while at your place or there will be social distancing practised while the technician is at your place.

We thank you for being a valued Voice2Net customer and hope these guidelines will permit us to continue to support our customers while all of us remain healthy.

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