How Long Does It Take To Install A VoIP Phone System In An Office?

Upgrading from traditional phone systems to VoIP comes with many benefits for your business. One of the key factors to consider is how long it will take for the Business VoIP service to be up and running. Each office has unique requirements, so there’s no standard installation for everyone. VoIP installers usually customize the procedure to suit business needs.

What Does Business VoIP Service Installation Involve?

Various factors affect the installation process, including the number of phones and employees, existing broadband capabilities, and other preparations. Some businesses require a few upgrades before installing VoIP, while some can leverage existing infrastructure. Here’s an overview of the VoIP phone system installation process and how long it takes.

1. Determine Employee/User Needs

The number of employees is one of the critical determinants of how long a VoIP phone system installation will take. Businesses should figure out how many employees will be using the system early on since it directly impacts the lines, internet connection support, call volume, and extensions. Some offices need more lines and numbers, while others can use extensions.

2. Upgrade Internet Connection/Speed

VoIP installers will test the internet connection to determine if it can handle the user volume. If not, you’ll need to upgrade the broadband connection before VoIP installation begins. Scaling the internet connection and speed to the number of employees and expected call volume will help resolve call quality issues, poor connections and prevent post-installation upgrades.

3. Select the Needed Features

VoIP phone systems have many different features, and each business needs specific components applicable to its operations. Popular VoIP installation requirements include a wired Ethernet router, PBX server, and PBX software. The company will also need to select specific features from the list below:
Unique phone numbers for each user

  • Call diverting capabilities
  • Call rules
  • Autocall router
  • Conference calling and video conference calling
  • VoIP mobile apps

One business may use a home-based VoIP network if all employees work from the office. Another may require VoIP mobile apps if the users work from different locations or travel a lot. You may also need in-depth call routing rules if the VoIP system includes more than ten lines. Offices can also use regular phones with ATAs or IP phones, so there’s a lot to decide.

4. Find a VoIP Provider

VoIP provider is more like an internet provider and offers a telecommunication service. You should choose a reputable provider with all the features your business needs and positive reviews from other customers. Here are some questions to ponder when selecting a VoIP provider:

  • Is the system easy to use?
  • What are other clients saying about the service?
  • Does the provider offer online demos?
  • What is customer service like?

You can determine how long your VoIP phone system installation will take just by the number of hardware and phones required. Installations involving many phone lines, unique numbers for each user, new IP phones, and additional hardware will take longer. The installation service also impacts how long it will take to set up the system.

Some installation companies offer more personnel, so the service will take a shorter time since many hands are involved. Others involve one or two individuals and will take longer. At the Voice2net, we provide premium quality installation, competitive pricing, and swift services to reduce downtime.