IP Phones for your Office

Voice2Net Corp Provides IP Telephones for small and medium-sized business near ottawa

Yealink T53G

Yealink T53G
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Yealink T33G

Yealink T33G
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Yealink T31G

Yealink T31G
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Device Provisioning

Our Hosted Service provides an easy Zero Touch provisioning system that lets you quickly set up your IP Phone and manage the buttons on it without touching the phone.  On initial power-up, it will find your server and download the configuration, subsequent changes will send a re-provision request to the phone automatically.

Night Mode Button

Common on Legacy Style phone systems, the Night Mode button has largely been ignored by VoIP Providers.  Voice2Net's system lets you provide a button for each hunt/ring group on your system to control when it rings phones or goes to an alternate destination. When the service is active the associated lamp will be illuminated on the phone.

Auto Company Directory

As you add or administer extensions, you have the option to include each extension into a company directory, extension have three options: prime, standard or omit.  If an extension is marked as prime, it will be played ahead of other extensions. The system will either read the name or play the name recorded using the Voice Mail System.

Call Out List

Do you have a staff where different people are on call on different days or different times of the day? Our Call out schedule allows you to set the schedule based on the day and time and who to call at that moment. This is usually set up at the end of the preceding month but is easily changed.

Free Assistance

Although our system is easy to use and has online guides readily available at the click of a button, most users are too busy running their business to learn the telephone system.  Simply call our office or open a ticket with the request and we will happily complete your request, usually within the hour.

Unique Requests

While our systems are pretty complete in what they can do, customers have a habit of coming up with new requests that are not currently available.

Voice2Net uses a product developed in house over several years, if you have a unique request we can most likely add it quickly for you.

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