Network Video Recorder

Network surveillance camera systems with support for 4 - 8 - 16 Cameras

NVR Configurations

SC-32P4 -4- 1tb Surveillance Camera System

Up to 4 channels IP Secucity Cameras input

VGA and HDMI output

1 SATA HDD interface up to 6TB

SC-32P8-8 - 2TB

Up to 8 channels IP Camera input

VGA and  HDMI output

2 SATA HDD interface up to 8 TB each


Up to 16 channels IP Camera input

VGA and HDMI output

2 DATA HDD interface upt to  8 tb each


 Hik-vision’s DS-7604NI-Q1/4P Series of 4K Network NVRs let you centrally manage IP camera settings, including configuration, information import/export, real-time information display, two-way audio, upgrade, etc. 

Connects to Hikvision smart IP cameras to record, play back, and back up VCA alarms. Supports VCA detection alarm.

 Instantly play back assigned channel during multi-channel display mode. Smart search selected video area, and smart playback improves playback efficiency. 

Monitor on your Mobile

Video Surveillance

Guarding Vision APP

 The Guarding Vision app is designed to work with Hik-vision series DVRs, NVRs, security cameras, Video intercom devices and Security control panels. With this app, you can watch real-time surveillance video or play it back from your home, office, workshop or elsewhere at any time. When an alarm of your device is triggered, you can get an instant notification from the Guarding Vision app. 

Network surveillance cameras with support for 4 - 8 - 16 Cameras

Assign mutliple sites to a single Guarding Vision account and quickly and easily switch between sites.


View the complete site or select the camera you would like to focus on and view it full screen.  Zoom in to get a closer look.


Playback by date and time on your mobile with crystal clear images.