This is a snapshot from a cell phone of the cameras in our office.

Secure your business with Voice2Net Camera security systems

Network Security Cameras


Privately owned security camera systems are becoming more common, and for great reasons. 

1. Having security cameras help the police solve crimes. Privately owned security cameras have helped solve many other crimes. “For decades, law enforcement officials have sought surveillance video from convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. Now, when they canvass a neighborhood after a crime, they’re asking homeowners if they have video footage. 

2. Security cameras are becoming more affordable, and more accessible. 

“More business owners and homeowners are installing home surveillance cameras than ever before, according to police and security companies.


3. Security cameras do deter crime.  “A three-year study by the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center concluded that surveillance cameras can be a cost-effective tool for combating crime. 

4. Get peace of mind being able to check up on your home or business, from anywhere and any time. Security cameras can now be viewed remotely, from your laptop or Smartphone. 

5. Recent articles in the news has highlighted how local crimes have been solved with the assistance of security systems. These crimes would not have been solved without the assistance of the Cameras.

Voice2Net's Network Cameras

Voice2Net provides network security cameras and network video recorders manufactured by the worlds leading manufacturer of Security Cameras, Hik-Vision.  

All systems have the ability to be monitored remotely for live or play back of the cameras installed at your premises.  These can be viewed from your mobile devices or a PC on your desktop.

Our products provide viewing and recording in both day time and night time.

Voice2Net provides full installation, setup, training and warranty services.   If you require the comfort of extended warranty, we provide complete warranty on parts and labor for a modest monthly fee after your 2 year warranty expires.