Hosted Telephony (VoIP)

Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) offers a multitude of benefits:

Cost Savings are a prime concern, however, the savings are not just on your monthly cost. Remote workers, lower upfront costs, add on features, scalability, mobility and customer service all contribute to a more efficient system.

Multiple office integrations and remote workers become possible without the traditional costs.

The speed of deployment and flexibility of additions, moves and changes marks an increase in efficiency.

Digital Telephone Lines - SIP Trunking

Today most manufacturers offer SIP Trunking as part of their feature packages. Voice2Net easily integrates with all the major manufacturers.  Redundancy options and auto fail-over  are all part of Voice2Net's SIP Trunking package


Business Telephone Systems on Telco Lines (non VoIP)


If you are using Telephone Company lines, but need to replace your tired phone system, Voice2Net has a solution for you.  Our on-site phone systems have the advantage of interconnecting with standard phones lines plus offering a Voice over IP flavor for some enhanced features.  Our on-site phone systems support most of the features listed on this website for business telephone systems.

We can even provide hosted features using the standard telephone company lines if this is required.

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