Business VOIP Support

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Voice over IP and Cameras are dependent on reliable internet with adequate speed to support your service. Although a Voice2Net IP Phone Call only uses 88 kbps of data both ways for a phone call, it needs to be a steady feed with low latency and zero packet loss.


Security Cameras can use a substantial amount of your upload bandwidth unless set up correctly. If bandwidth is limited, we suggest viewing 1 camera at a time.



Do you want to use your desktop workstation as your phone? Enjoy all the features of an IP phone with Voice2Net's desktop phone including;

Call Park, Busy Lamp Fields, One-Touch Transfer, Redial, Call History, Conference Calling the list goes on.  

Download the zip file, extract it, then contact our office to get it set up on your account.  You will need a headset microphone combo to use the softphone.

User Guides

Yealink T21 User Guide (pdf)

Yealink T23 User Guide (pdf)

Yealink T27 User Guide (pdf)

Yealink T29 User Guide (pdf)

Yealink T41 User Guide (pdf)

Yealink T53 User Guide (pdf)

Grandstream gxp2135 User Guide (pdf)

Grandstream gxp2130 User Guide (pdf)

Grandstream gxp2160 User Guide (pdf)

Grandstream gxp2170 User Guide (pdf)

Fanvilx6 User Guide (pdf)

Fanvilx4 User Guide (pdf)

Fanvilx4u User Guide (pdf)

Domain Users Guide (pdf)


Yeastar S20 Extension User Guide (pdf)

Yeastar Users Voicemail Guide (pdf)

Interconnect Multi-site Yeastar S-Series IPPBXs V1.1_en (pdf)

Yeastar S-Series Administrator Guide (pdf)

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