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Our Premiere Product - Hosted Voice over IP


 Voice2Net's hosted Voice over IP service has two major purposes:
1  Save our customers money!
2  Provide an enhanced feature set for our customers!

The Voice2Net V2NCloud Service is a fully featured Cloud PBX  offering extra features not available from our competition' coupled with North America calling in our plan.  Some of our Features such as work from anywhere, follow me, call out schedule, time of day, remote offices, texting, voicemail to email, dial by name directory and call queues enhance productivity in the workplace.  We use the industry favorites, Yealink and Grandstream IP Telephones and support a variety of other products for customers who wish to switch their service to Voice2Net. 

Add WIFI to your Network


The Growing demand for WIFI  by Smart Phones, Laptops and IOT in general  necessitates a quality highly available WIFI system.  Voice2Net deploys cloud managed WIFI systems that give handoff, MIMO (multiple Input, Multiple Output), time of day controls, various levels of access and multi site grouping.   Installed and maintained by Voice2Net Staff.

Keep an eye on your place.

HikVision Cameras provide crystal clear images, excellent night vision.

Security is a prime concern for today's businesses.  Voice2Net uses high quality HikVision Network Video Recorders and Cameras.  The systems can be set to record continuous, motion only, email alerts at specific times or send an alert when someone crosses an imaginary line.  All this is easily viewed either live or play back from your IOS or Android devices.


Digital Business Telephone Lines

Voice2Net's Digital Sip Trunks for conventional phones systems provide cost savings with an introduction to IP PBX features.   Keep your existing telephone systems, connect it to Voice2Net's network, gain features such as night answer, auto attendant, cell phone mate, remote phones etc


Business Telephone Systems

Do you need to replace your existing telephone system but need to keep your current telephone lines, Voice2Net provides a state of the art telephone system to meet your needs today and prepare you for the future.  As technology improves, you will not have to replace your Voice2Net phone sytems.


Home Phone Service

Voice2Net provides Voice over IP (VoIP) home phone service with three plans.

Our most popular plan is the North American Plan that permits unlimited calling to all North American Locations, all this for $17.95 per month.

For users who only need to call across Canada, we have the Canada Plan that provides unlimited calls to all Canadian locations including the Territories, all this for $14.95 per month.

If you only need to make local calls or need a phone for others to reach you, we have the area code plan that lets your call any number in  your area code.  You may call outside the area code for a modest per minute fee, all this for $9.95 per month plus Long Distance.

All Plans include E911 service, voicemail, voicemail to email, cell phone mate,  call forwarding, 3 way calling, name and number display as well as a portal to manage your service and track voicemails and calls.